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MENCAP  A wealth of advice and practical support for people with learning disabilities.  

Cerebra  Charity working wonders for children with brain conditions.  A must go site for advice to parents on grants, legal help, sleep, stress, filling in DLA forms, toilet training etc etc....

ERIC  Charity dedicated to bowel and bladder health.  Fantastic interactives guides on toilet training and shop for toilet training aids.  

 IPSEA  Independent Parental Special Education Advice on a host of issues including transitions, LA/school duties, EHC assess/plans, direct payments, SEND tribunals, mediation etc  

SEND Jungle  Well we all know we are the only experts on our child!  This is a fantastic source of parent-led information, resources and informed opinions.  

Lives in the Balance  Collaborative techniques to managing challenging behaviours based on Dr Ross Green's 'Collaborative and proactive solutions'  The Explosive Child.  

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